A world of complimentary digital magazines and newspapers for your customers

My Mags allows businesses to offer complimentary digital magazines and newspapers to their customers

Give your customers a COVID safe way to enjoy reading on their own tablet or smartphone while they are on your premises.

My Mags is a digital content platform for businesses that want to provide their customers with access to their favourite magazines and newspapers on their own devices.

Our digital platform is a business to business offering that is aimed at businesses where customers spend longer periods of time in their premises or are waiting for appointments. Your customers get free unlimited access to any of the news and mags in your package.

Ideal for hairdressing salons, spas, beauty salons, coffee shops, dentists and doctors.



  • Paperless
  • Covid friendly
  • Cheaper than buying magazines
  • Latest magazines always available
  • Wide choice of magazines
  • Add value to your customers
  • Increase dwell time
  • No log in or app to download

How does it work?

Our exclusive geo fencing technology developed by us, allows your customers to access our library of news and magazines whilst they are in your business. Once they leave the location the access is automatically removed

Secured to your venue via geolocation

There is no registration process or App to download, simply scan a QR code and content is streamed straight onto your customer’s device via a web browser.

Select the magazine bundle

That is right for your budget and customers


Contact us to register

Pay securely via Pay Pal

We register your exact location

Using your address and enable the service within your premises

Your customers simply scan the QR code

Provided to you on a mobile device or tablet to access the magazines. Once they leave the location the access is automatically removed

Browse 100s of newspaper and magazine choices for your favourites and start reading!

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